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The main reason why you can't reach is C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts & hosts.ics & hosts.txt etc. on your computer. May be caused by the file(s).

What is Hosts file? A Hosts file is a file containing the node locations registered in a computer network. This file maps server names to IP addresses. The server file is seen as an auxiliary factor to the domain name system for different network sizes. Unlike DNS, the server file is under the control of the local computer administrator.

Download hosts cleaner by clicking this link. (Run as Administrator.)

Another reason is partial server maintenance etc. may be. If the above solutions did not work, contact the administrator.

At the top right there is a button named "kayıt ol" or "register". You can register by following the necessary instructions from there.

In the top right there is a button called "Giriş yap" or "Login". From there, you can log in by following the necessary instructions.

Enter and navigate to the topic of the cheat you want. Reply to the thread and refresh the page. The download link will appear there. (From the "hack status" tab in the sidebar, you can go to the topic of the hack you want.)

Or if you don't want to deal with them, you can click on RealUI in Navigation and download RealUI Loader from

When you log in as a user, you will see a button named "Turkish" in the upper right. You can change it by pressing the language you want by pressing there.

You can download RealUI Loader by clicking this link.

Then we open the RealUI Installer and wait for it to be installed on the desktop.

We recommend that your browser is google chrome first. Since some other browsers block javascript codes, they turn on the tracking blocker. In this case too, RealUI Loader uses some various JavaScript code to detect ad approval. RealUI Loader cannot detect the approval phase when browsers block it. Google Chrome is pretty good at this.

Second, your account on and your account on RealUI Loader must be the same accounts. Otherwise, you cannot pass the approval stage. If everything is fine so far, we press the "go the website" button from the RealUI Loader. In the first line, we enter the site and wait 50 seconds on the site and press any Ad. We wait for it to detect 3 seconds and that's it.

There are three reasons why you cannot access RealUI Loader.

1) The hosts file blocking will prevent you from accessing RealUI Loader. Clean up your hosts file.

Download hosts cleaner by clicking this link. (Run as Administrator.)

2) Antivirus programs or Windows Defender sometimes do not allow you to open RealUI Loader, although it is rare. This is because it is a 3rd party software, but RealUI does not harm your computer in the slightest. After making sure that Windows defender and all other antivirus programs are completely turned off, try to open RealUI Loader again.

3) We prefer your version of Windows to be Windows 10. Because other windows versions no longer support Microsoft. RealUI runs most stable on Windows 10.

There is one last reason why it won't open, and that is if you installed the Loader files missing or incorrectly. If you think so, download RealUI Loader again.

If RealUI Installer does not open, try to download the portable version (rar version) from or .NET Framework 6 version to your computer.

After logging in to RealUI Loader, the "Cheats" page will appear. On this page, you will find the cheat of the game you want, if available. You can also search for the game you want from the search bar. After choosing the cheat we want, we press the "Start" button and open the game and wait. The action bar will move. When the move is over, your cheat has been successfully injected into the game.

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We are a cheating community with 100K members. We have been serving our users since 2019. The only Profit of our business is to make money from advertisements. There is no other Profit. Although anti virus programs show our cheats and Loader as viruses, GameHack.Tools detects a virus and shows it as a virus. That virus also includes functions necessary for games. There is no harm to your computer. For years, we have been committed to not giving our users a virus. We will always be determined.

RealUI Loader is software exclusive to RealityCheats. Its sole purpose is to gather all cheating software under one roof. It pulls data instantly from RealityCheats' private servers. There is an instant data update system. It allows us to offer you the fastest cheats. This is a very useful program for users.

RealityCheats was founded in 2019 by 3 people. Since then, it has tried to provide uninterrupted service. It is a cheater community that tries to be behind the players and to satisfy their love of cheating. Before 2019, there were also organizations with longer roots. But for some reasons, those institutions were terminated. Its only income is advertisements on They do not have any donations or earnings. He always tried to be the king of such communities and did his best.

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